I don’t know if I have Universal Analytics or Google Analytics Classic?

To find out if a web property is using Universal Analytics, sign in to your account and go to the Admin page. Select a property from the dropdown in the Property column.

A Classic Google Analytics account has an option in this column called Tracking Code. A Universal Analytics account has an option called Tracking Info that includes more Admin settings like Session Settings and Organic Search Sources. These additional settings are only available to Universal Analytics properties. If you have these settings, you have a Universal Analytics property.

Alternatively, you can check which JavaScript library your tracking code snippet is referencing. To do so, click Tracking Code / Tracking Info to see the tracking code snippet for a property. Look for a reference in the snippet to either ga.js or to analytics.js. Classic Google Analytics properties use ga.js and Universal Analytics properties use analytics.js.

The stats do they work on mobile and tablets?

Yes, the stats work with mobiles such as iPHONE and GALAXY S, and also with tablets like iPAD and GALAXY TAB.

Does Stats4Videos work with any youtube video?

Yes, The Youtube player for Google Analytics Stats4Videos works with any Video Youtube.

Does Stats4Videos work with multiple video on the same page?

The Youtube Player for Google Analytics Stats4Videos doesn’t work with several videos on the same page. It only works with a single video yet.

Does Stats4Videos work there with other types of videos such as Vimeo or Dailymotion?

No, at the moment the Stats4Videos player only works with youtube videos.

Does Stats4Videos works on Android and IOs ?

Yes, the youtube player for google analytics Stats4Videos also works on devices equipped with mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

Videos viewed by users using these operating systems will benefit statistics as well as those seen on a desktop computer.

My player appears BLACK and not SILVER why?

If your player appears BLACK it means that the Stats4Videos script does not charge properly or the link of the script is wrong, in this case the classic youtube player is loaded and you do not get your stats in Google Analytics.

Can I track my videos on the youtube site itself in the same way?

It’s not possible to track your videos on the youtube site itself with the Stats4Videos script. The player only works with youtube videos embedded into your website.

How does the calculation of % of reading sent to Google Analytics work?

The percentages represent the ratio between the current playing time and the total video time.
The calculation is run every three (3) seconds, if the video is paused for example the calculation is no longer made.
If the pourcentage is sent to Google Analytics yet, the player will not send it a second time.

A percentage of 50% means that the user has watched at least half of the video.

I want to modify the script how can I di it ?

If you need to modify the script for a comercial use, please contact us via the Contact Form for a proposal.

Can I put / host directly the Stats4Videos script (js file) on my site?

Yes, you can put / host the Stats4Videos script directly into your website or server.

Why is there a youtube classic “div” in the code snippet?

Classic youtube div displays your video if the link of script is not activated or if the script does not load well. By cons in this case, the Stats4Videos player does not send your stats in Google Analytics.

Who is KPInsight?

KPInsight Analytics is a web agency totaly dedicated to digital performance analysis and optimisation. KPInsight Analytics support digital players (e-business or not) to increases the ability of their internet sites to meet their objectives, to improve and optimizes web Conversion.

The Agency is certified in Web Analytics & Site e-business, and offers its services to all actors in Paris, Lyon and Grenoble.

For more information visit our website : KPInsight Analytics or contact us via our Contact Form

I would like a pro version of the Stats4Videos script for professional use is this possible?

In case you need an optimised version of the Stats4Videos script for professional use, please contact us via our Contact Form

I would like to have the same thing but connected to Google Tag Manager is it possible?

It is possible to connect the player to Google Tag Manager, but this version is not online. For more informations about this release, please contact us via our Contact Form

I would like to have a pro version for Tag Commander or another Tag Management software, how can I do this?

For information on a pro version for Tag Commander or another Tag Management sofware , please contact via our Contact Form

On a professional level can Stats4Videos provide others scripts like this to understand and analyze the performance of my digital devices?

Yes, for information concerning these scripts that allow you to analyze and understand the performance of your digital devices, please contact us via our Contact Form

I Have find another UA-51019067-1 in the stats ! Why ?

Your right ! To analyse our free service and how it is use, stats4videos.com send 2 statistics in the Google Analytics of stats4videos.com :
1. The Player load en the page
2. The Play bouton if it is clicked.
If you need our JS without please contact us for a comercial use.